"Die Fledermaus"
Northern Ireland Opera

Jonathan Lakeland, Assistant Conductor & Chorus Master

Bach Track

“Jonathan Lakeland prepared a well drilled chorus. Their diction was flawless, crystal clear and executed with precision. [They had a] high standard of vocal prowess" 

-Leighton Jones

"Semele" at Royal Academy Opera

Jonathan Lakeland, Chorus Master

Opera Today

“The Chorus were superb: their diction, strength, tone, co-ordination and choreography were all equally notable. The monumental terror and majesty of ‘O terror! and astonishment’ were terrifically emotive and powerful. “ -Claire Seymour, Opera Today

Bach Track

“The latter singer was a step-out from the very fine chorus, which sang with crisp diction and a sense of ensemble that would put many a professional opera-house chorus to shame.” -Matthew Rye, Bachtrack

Classical Source

“The Chorus of Royal Academy Opera offers the most disciplined and consistent pleasure with slick and lively execution”

-Curtis Rogers, Classical Source

Interview about "The Same Stream"

Featuring: Jonathan Lakeland (producer), James Jordan (conductor), Andrew Skitko (singer)

The Same Stream Interview - WWFM - The Classical Network