Songs of the Questioner
Featuring The Same Stream Choir
James Jordan, conductor


Available September 21, 2018

Jonathan Palmer Lakeland, producer

Andrew Mellor, engineer


Jack and the Giant: The Original Cast Recording
Andrew Barbato, Book & Music

Doug Makuta, Musical Arrangements


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Jonathan Palmer Lakeland, producer

David Groener Jr, engineer


The Same Stream: The Inaugural Recordings 
The Same Stream, choir
James Jordan, conductor


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Jonathan Palmer Lakeland, producer

John Baker & Sam Ward, session engineers

Andrew Mellor & Claire Hay, postproduction engineers


Discovering Chant 
by James Whitbourn & James Jordan


"Laudate" Companion Scores and Recording


Executive Producer: James Whitbourn

Session Producer: Jonathan Palmer Lakeland

Engineers: John Baker and Sam Ward


Soprano: Isabella Burns


Musical Scores arranged by: James Whitbourn and Cortlandt Matthews




by James Whitbourn


Arianna Zukerman, Soprano

Westminster Williamson Voices (James Jordan, Conductor)

The Lincoln Trio

Bharat Chandra, Clarinet


James Whitbourn, Producer

John Baker, Engineer


Jonathan Palmer Lakeland, Repetiteur and Production Assistant